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10 Hilarious Gift Basket Ideas For 50th Bday

by Joaquimma Anna
Are you on the hunt for the perfect gift for someone who’s turning 50? Look no further than a custom-made gift basket! Whether it’s a milestone birthday or not, a thoughtful and personalized gift basket can make all the difference in showing your loved ones how much you care. So, why settle for an average present when you can create an unforgettable moment with a unique and carefully curated basket filled with all their favorite goodies?
In this article, we’ll explore some creative and exciting ideas to help you put together the perfect gift basket for your loved one’s 50th birthday that will surely be cherished forever! Read on to learn more about this amazing gifting idea and how it can make your loved one feel extra special on their big day.

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Turning 50 is a big milestone and deserves a special celebration! If you know someone who is reaching this milestone and you want to make them laugh, check out these 10 hilarious gift basket ideas that are perfect for a 50th birthday.

1. The “Over the Hill” basket

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Fill the basket with items that remind them they’re getting older, like wrinkle cream, adult diapers, and reading glasses.

2. The “Back in My Day” basket

Include nostalgic items from their youth, like candy from the 70s or 80s, vinyl records, or a vintage magazine.

3. The “50 Shades of Grey” basket

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Fill the basket with items related to the popular book/movie series, like handcuffs, massage oil, and sensual chocolates.

4. The “Midlife Crisis” basket

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Include items that poke fun at this common phenomenon of middle-aged folks buying sports cars or taking up extreme hobbies. Consider including a toy sports car or an instructional book on bungee jumping.

5. The “Old Fart” basket

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This gift takes on the humor surrounding aging bodily functions like flatulence; include gag gifts like farting sound machines or whoopee cushions.

6. The “Retirement Party” basket

Happy 50th Birthday Gift Baskets – Birthday Messages

If your friend is planning on retiring soon after turning 50, include items suitable for retirement celebrations such as lawn chairs or travel games for road trips during retirement.

7. The “Hangover Replenishment” basket

For those who love to party late into the night no matter their age, consider putting together a collection of goodies that help stave off hangovers like pain relievers and coffee pods.

8. The “Young at Heart” basket

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Show them age is just a number by filling up their gift basket with toys/games generally associated with children such as coloring books & crayons or throwing in some vintage sweets from when they were kids.

9. The “Bathroom Humor” basket

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This is similar to the Old Fart basket but we focus on bathroom humor instead. Fill the gift with essential bathroom gadgets like a squatty potty or toilet night light.

10. The “Super Senior Citizen” basket: Play with the senior citizen theme and pack the basket with granny glasses, a walking stick, and even some dentures (fakes of course!)


There you have it! These 10 gift baskets will undoubtedly make your loved ones giggle and smile on their special day. Remember to keep their personality in mind when choosing which hilarious gift basket to give them!

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