Hot Stuff Est.1988.

It all started in September 1988. My lovely mother Naseera AKA Belay/Billie and my kool dad Abdul to all their friends started up the now legendary Hot Stuff.

When we opened Hot Stuff we had no idea on how to run a restaurant all we knew is that our mummy is a great cook, and that it was only fair that we share that skill with the masses.

From being a small 10 seater restaurant/takeaway with only 3 curries on the menu to a well established London eatery known around the world for good food, good service and good value.

In 1996 we got our first big break thanks to a lovely lady called Xanthe who wrote about our restaurant in Time Out magazine, what a turn up for the books that was, we suddenly had a influx of customers from all over calling to make reservations to eat at our restaurant.

During that time Hot Stuff became something of a Cult, even till today we still have some of the original customers coming back to see us, even though they have moved abroad or to another part of the country.

Late 1999 my mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer which was a big blow to her family and friends and patrons of Hot Stuff, now 11 years later my mother is still with us fighting fit and still coming to Hot Stuff to make sure the cooking is up to scratch. During her illness my mother received so many visitors, flowers and cards the nurses in her ward wondered what she did for a living, only to find out that she owned a tiny little Indian restaurant in south west London.

When mum was ill we had to make a decision which was do we close Hot Stuff or do we carry on the hard work my mum and dad had endured for the last 10 years, as you guessed we carried on, I left my job as a estate agent with a heart and began slowly but surely taking the reigns of Hot Stuff to a new level.

We have now been written about in and by most of the restaurant critics and food guides around, including the NY Times, Zagat, Hardens, Time Out etc etc etc...

Our Best critics I have to say are our customers without their feedback we would probably not have moved forwards as much as we have Today.

I hope you have a little insight into our Business and I hope we have the pleasure in meeting you all sooner rather than later. Thank you also for taking time to visit our website cos we love you too.

Raj Dawood.