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10 Awesome Multiplication Chart Printable Kids

by Joaquimma Anna

Mathematics is one of the most foundational areas of learning. Not only is it important to understand the basic principles but multiplication and division are essential elements for students to be proficient in. This article will discuss the basic principles and benefits of learning multiplication, before introducing a printable chart. We will show that understanding these calculations from a visual perspective boosts the learning experience.

What is Multiplication?

Multiplication is an arithmetic operation whereby two or more numbers are multiplied together. According to The Australian Curriculum, “Multiplication is used to calculate the combined result of groups of equal-sized parts.” The most recognisable form of multiplication is the use of ‘times’ symbols. For example, 3 x 4 = 12.

The ancient Babylonians, who lived in what is now known as Iraq, invented multiplication around 2000 BC. However, it wasn’t until the 16th Century that the ‘x’ symbol was used in Europe by a Welsh mathematician, Robert Recorde. This symbol is still in use today.

Multiplication comes in many forms and can be seen in daily life. For instance, farmers may measure their crops in kilometres and then use multiplication to determine the number of hectares they have. Or a retail shopkeeper may use multiplication to calculate the cost of a whole cart of goods.

Multiplication Charts Why Use a Printable Chart?

The use of a printable chart is known to be highly successful when it comes to learning mathematics, especially for younger students. The printable colourful times chart from PrintableMultiplication.com is an excellent visual aid for children to familiarise themselves with the different multiplication tables. It can be used to demonstrate the connection between numbers and how they can be used to calculate different sums. Not only are numbers featured in the chart but there are also a range of colourful shapes making it engaging to look at.

This chart is an invaluable tool to help children get to grips with multiplication as it can be cut out and placed on the wall or desk, making it easily available to refer to when completing sums. Rather than needing to learn the entire number line off by heart the student is instead passively learning through basic repetition. This will give them the knowledge and confidence they need to excel in mathematics.

Whilst this chart is specifically designed for young learners it can also be used by adults who may be trying to relearn forgotten techniques. It is a great way to take a more visual approach to multiplication while developing the vital ability to think mathematically. As long as the equation is presented in the correct form a student can use this chart to calculate, even relatively complex multiplications. This will help them to become more confident in their ability while also making the process quicker.

The Benefits of Learning Multiplication

There are many advantages to mastering mathematics, particularly when it comes to multiplication. Ultimately these skills help to develop a person’s logical thinking abilities and allow the use of more sophisticated mathematics in the future. This can be beneficial both in the workplace and at university.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (UBSL) indicates that “employers prefer applicants who have strong quantitative skills and the ability to analyse data.” This highlights the importance that multiplication may have on a students future employability. It’s important to note that these skills should be developed from a young age which is why investing in resources such as the PrintableMultiplication.com chart will greatly benefit a student.

Moreover, understanding these basic principles as early as possible can open up doors to a whole host of opportunities in the future. Many high level courses, internships, forms of research and consultancy heavily rely on an understanding of various mathematics equations so having all the skills necessary to undertake them will prove invaluable.

In summary, being able to calculate sums efficiently can help in many aspects of life. Whether it’s for calculations in the workplace, budgeting or completing more complex mathematical equations such as algebra, multiplication is a critical element to understand.

Investing in a printable chart from PrintableMultiplication.com is a great way to ensure a student or adult is fully confident when calculating sums. This chart provides a colourful and engaging way to familiarise the student with the multiplication tables. By taking this approach they will be better placed to handle future sums with ease.

If you are looking for Free Printable Color Multiplication Chart 1-12 | Printable you’ve came to the right page. We have 10 Images about Free Printable Color Multiplication Chart 1-12 | Printable like Printable Multiplication Tables (1 – 10) – Math, Kids and Chaos, Free Printable Color Multiplication Chart 1-12 | Printable and also Multiplication Chart Printable (multiplicationchart) – Ygraph.com. Here you go:

Free Printable Color Multiplication Chart 1-12 | Printable

Free Printable Color Multiplication Chart 1-12 | Printable


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